Naturally the first thing to do is to choose to call Me, but that’s so blindingly obvious I won’t get into it. Instead I want to share a few ideas about making the most of our time together.


1) What’s your fantasy?

Crystal ball

Crystal ball that I don’t divine your fantasy with

Give Me an idea of what you’re looking for. Not a script (I am a Dom after all), but a fetish or scene you’d like to explore. After all, I’ve got two big balls, but neither of them are crystal.

Tell Me your fantasies, things that make you get so turned on. Things you dream of in the night, let Me know about them. Those things will give Me material to create a stunningly intense scene for you.


2) I call this the “why would I lick a boot?” scenario.

If I am doing something that’s really not your thing, say so. For instance, most of My callers find it hot to be called a faggot, but a few don’t. I want to use that thing that really pushes your buttons, not the thing that, shall we say… sinks your boat. Keep in mind the reason I’m doing it – because it’s fun, it’s hot. If it’s not your thing, say so, I can switch gears and keep the hot times going.


3) Speaking of time…

If you’re pressed for time, say so. Some of My favorite callers can only call for five minutes at a time. They have fun, they call back often and I get to know them over time. Short but sweet is fine by Me.


4) Know when to fold em.

There’s a type of guy that quietly stays on a call for ten minutes, hates every second of it, then leaves lousy feedback. Don’t be that guy. If there’s a direction I’m going in that isn’t your thing see point two, but hey, there are a few people where maybe we just don’t click. There’s no harm in saying so and moving on. Don’t waste our time, I don’t want sullen submissives, I want excited ones – panting, begging for more, soaring through submissive heaven.



If My phone icon says “Call Now” it means I’m ready for a call. So, if you’re ready to have a hot fantasy brought to life, if you’re ready to get on your knees before the Master of your dreams; stop waiting and call Me now. You’ll be glad you did.

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