Why would anyone want to have all those terrible things done to them that you’ve always dreamed about having done to you?

Most people can’t imagine. But you’re different. You have needs, desires that are far off the beaten path. I understand…

You see, I’m twisted too. Not quite the same way you are, but in a… let’s call it a reciprocal way. The heads to your tail.


The Master you’ve dreamed of

You’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience serving a powerful Master. Someone who could reach into the darker places of your little faggot soul, places you hardly understand yourself, parts of your psyche that just manifest as strange yearnings and hot fantasies.

I understand these places.

Tell Me your fantasies, your dreams and desires. Now Me, I won’t judge them. Play with them, why yes, don’t mind if I do. Use them to get inside your mind, take over your body, and consume your soul? Oh, absolutely.

Deeper inside your mind

Since 2010, I’ve been combining hypnosis with BDSM to take My faggots deeper into the shadow side of their submissive need. With each scene, each recording, and each passing year, I’ve gotten better. I could tell you about what I do, but I’d rather just let you have a taste.

So here’s what I want you to do – sign up for My newsletter. Once you’ve confirmed, I’m sending you your first hypnosis recording free. The experience you’re about to have is going to start you down a path, a path which you’ll come to realize is the path you’ve always needed.

* All testimonials are taken from feedback at My Niteflirt page: http://www.niteflirt.com/listings/show/8813277-Bringing-your-sick-little-fantasies-to-life


Bringing your sick little fantasies to life… — 21 Comments

  1. Thank you Daddy,

    Feel Like a Woman is superb conditioning for sissies. Came back for Crossdress Compulsion. Can’t wait for more in the series.


  2. Shadow Priest is most talented with hypnosis. He takes me very deep in short time. His new slave heart series is breathtaking. When i heard Chained to My Voice the first time some minutes before i felt and feel so much the urge, to stay under His total control and be His willing and obedient slave.
    i adore Him

  3. master, much respect for your craft. You give this sub-boytoy, bitch homo, student a VERY good outlet when school is getting tough and the stress is on. You’re fucking hot and your recordings always get me off with a huge explosion. Love having unexpected events – eg; being told I’ll be allowed to cum a particular time then TOTALLY AND UNEXPECTEDLY taken off guard when you deny your bitch the opportunity for release… You drive me nuts, in a good way man 😉

    You’re awesome master,


  4. Master, I have hooked up with a few other “hypnotists”, but you are the first one I would sell my soul to. Your inductions are wonderful to hear and your photos are an added bonus to further enhance a trance. Thank you.

  5. Master, I’m addicted with hearing your recordings while jerking off. Your voice is just perfect, the right kind of master I’m looking for to hear. Is it possible to request you a personal recording ? I would love to hear master throwing degrading and humiliating words directly at me

  6. My Master, I would like to ask you something. I am yours and I need you to record a personal audio file for me. It’s because I know you have the power to help me with such an amazing gift like your voice and powerful words.I need to ask you privately because is something personal, just between you and me. Please, don’t be mad my master, but I need your help.

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