How does edging mean I own you?

Think about how you feel when you realize that you don’t get to cum till I say. Is it humiliating? Does it make you realize that I’m in control?

Or maybe it’s just frustrating, because you really want to get off, and you don’t get to until it pleases Me to let you do so.

Either way, works for Me.

Because I like seeing you suffer as you go deeper under My control. And after all, whichever way it effects you, the bottom line is… as you wait to cum until I give you permission, you’re sending a signal deep inside your unconscious that says that I own you.

And that’s why I’ve come up with a new edging hypnosis. One that puts you deep into a scene where, a couple of college guys, acting on My orders, hold you down, make fun of you, and keep putting a milking machine on you – bringing you to the edge with it, and then taking it off to keep you from cumming!

Oh, you’ll be the one stroking yourself, but on a conscious level you won’t even realize that you’re the one doing the stroking. It’s all the same, you’re still waiting for My permission to cum, and you’re still sending that signal deep inside. It works for Me.

Now, why would you want to do that to yourself? Simple. Because you know it’s going to be fucking hot. Because you can’t help yourself. Because, let’s be honest – you’re just a helpless faggot.

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