There’s something different about you, isn’t there? While most people want freedom, independence… your fantasies head in a very different direction. Slavery. Submission. Servitude.

You dream of a man taking over your life, controlling you.

I understand. See, I know a lot of guys just like you.

They call Me Sir.

We have so much fun together, they and I. I command, they obey; I humiliate them, they grovel; I put them in their place, they learn to love it. You might be surprised how much they crave it. Or maybe you wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Maybe, it’s exactly what you’ve always wanted.

So, how do you join them?

Simple. You start by listening to the “Bound to My Voice” hypnosis recording. It’s been described as My hottest, most erotic recording yet. Of course, that description is from guys who want an evil, twisted man to take over their minds, to dominate them, to control them. You know, guys like you.

As I said to them:

“Today you become a slave. Your natural tendency has always been to serve, you know that. But maybe there’s been something blocking you from being the slave that you should be. From really inviting Master into your life.

Today this changes. My newest hypnosis is My most advanced yet. Designed to harness your natural inclination to kneel before the strength of a superior man, to unlock it, to guide it. I delve into your tendencies, make you get so horny and shoot your load, and what does that do but enslave you to Me as I use your fantasies and your arousal to bind you to the power of My voice.

Today you begin to live your potential. As a slave. Your true nature. What’s always been there, deep inside you, living in your dreams and fantasies; becomes your reality today.

Start living your dreams, get My newest recording. Go ahead and do as you’re told, like a good slave. Now.”

Get started with “Bound to My Voice”, and begin to submit the way you were always meant to.

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Testimonials taken from My Niteflirt comments page:

Testimonials taken from My Niteflirt comments page:


About “Bound to My Voice”

I’ve been building a reputation for the last seven years as an evil erotic hypnotist with some of the best recordings in the scene. With every one I aim to push the boundaries of both technique and recording quality.

With this one I’ve stepped it up again. Designed as a replacement for the popular “Slave to My Voice”, this one includes multiple voice induction throughout the entire forty two minute recording. That means you go deeper, and My thoughts go further inside your head.

As a result, you may find yourself dreaming of Me at night, fantasizing about kneeling at My boots during the day. You’re certain to find yourself craving My voice, needing Me to dominate you. You see, that’s what it’s made to do.

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