There’s just something about your coach, isn’t there?

A guy who’s going to yell at you, curse at you, push you and put you through hell – to get you where he wants you to be.

Now a guy like that, he makes some people get fucking horny just thinking about him, you know how that is.

So I recently made a recorded scene, with hypnosis, that I think you’re going to want. It’s about a hot, dominant coach who takes a special interest in you while you’re the new guy on the wrestling team.

One with a beefy, muscular body, that he demands you worship. One who makes it his project to break your ass in. One who has his assistant coach and the team captain help with that, as they take turns fucking your mouth and ass.

The guy who had originally commissioned it (custom file) was amazed at how I seemed to know just what to throw in there, to make it so incredibly hot. No, I’m not psychic. That was nothing more than loads of talent, sharpened by long hours of study, tempered with seven years of experience doing this sort of thing. As in, enough to make it seem like I’m fucking psychic.

I’ve been working extra hard to make sure that when you listen to these hypnotic recordings, that you can really feel the cock pounding into your ass.

Because when Coach and his friends take turns fucking your face and ass, I want you to experience every inch of every cock going into every hole you have!

Go get it!

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