How did you first get interested in hypnosis? For so many hypno-fetishists, their interest in hypnosis began with stories of the diabolical hypnotist hypnotising his unwitting subject, enslaving them, and then having his evil way with them.

Such wicked fun!

Under My Control plays off that fantasy. First, My most powerful induction yet puts you deep into trance. Builds an arousal inside you that gets tied to the sound of My voice, and a growing need to be under My control. And then, the scene —

You’re in a bar, late one night, when a man in a black suit approaches. Dangling a rose quartz crystal in front of your eyes, with a few words he quickly puts you into a hypnotic trance. Unable to protest, compelled to obey, you follow Him out.

Where is He taking you? What will He do with you? Find out now as you step into My world and feel the power of My hypnosis, when you fall Under My Control!

Under My Control       45 Minutes

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  • This is a real hypnosis recording, with a 23-minute induction utilizing multiple-voice induction, binaural beats, Shepard tones and Eriksonian hypnosis. In English – It’s a fucking powerful induction!