Created by request.


How do you feel about it? Like it a little? Maybe not so much? A little here and there, if you’re in the right mood?

One of My guys was disgusted by cum. The thought of tasting it, or getting some other guy’s cum on him just grossed him out. At the same time, he fantasized about eating it, being covered in it. Plainly, there was something inside him, he needed to be a Cum Pig.

What about you?

Is there a part of you that needs to eat cum? I can teach you to let that part of you out. To have some fun with it. To abandon yourself to eating cum and loving it.

This hypnosis will awaken the pig inside you, showing you a side of yourself you may have never known about. Or perhaps a side you’ve been afraid of. A side that lusts after dirty, filthy sex. That needs cum, lusts over it. Dreams about it.

Keep some lube nearby.

This recording has a gangbang scene in it. I find a visualization scene reinforces the teaching nicely, and besides, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Listen with caution. A few times here and there can be fun. Play with the fantasy. But, listen too often, and you just might find yourself turning into a “Cum slurping pig”!

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