If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to feel like a woman… If you’ve ever tried on some panties, imagined wearing a skirt, or thought about what it would be like to have a little clitty that could feel so good with one little touch… this one’s for you.

You’ll learn how to experience being in a woman’s body anytime I say the trigger phrase. Listen repeatedly, and every time you listen you’re strengthening the learning inside your unconscious mind, teaching it to make you feel like a woman when I say the trigger phrase.

Imagine the possibilities when you call Me on the phone. Will I make you My little slut? Fuck your pussy? Share your cute ass with My friends? Or maybe I’ll make you turns tricks in a back alley. Who knows?

And, as you listen to the file over and over, you’re readying yourself for the future files I’ll be releasing over the next few months –  “Master’s Bimbo Sex-toy”, “Master shares His Slut”, and more…

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