Best erotic hypnotist out there

What happens when you take a tool as powerful as hypnosis and put it in the hands of a Dominant Master?


You feel heart pounding excitement, deep submission, a keen sense of being totally under My control while getting so turned on and loving every minute of it.

Consider the Possibilities

Using hypnosis I can create any feeling in the world inside you. Make you experience whatever I want you to experience. Deep humiliation, feelings of being totally dominated. Arousal, making you get so worked up, so hot.

Fear, ecstasy, submission, a very real sense of being completely controlled. Even reprogrammed. I could feminize you, or fill you with a burning need to suck cock. Maybe I’ll give you a mindless compulsion for licking boots.

The truth is, the only limit is imagination itself, and My imagination isn’t limited at all.

What to expect

So you’ve decided you want to explore a hypnosis scene, either on the phone or with one of My recorded sessions. Good. We’ll start with a hypnotic induction to make you go into a highly suggestible state. I’ll spend around 7-10 minutes doing that.

I use a mix of standard relaxation induction and Eriksonian conversational hypnosis. This works well even for people who think they “can’t be hypnotized.” On My recorded mp3s, I’ve also included binaural beat technology to make you go even deeper.

Once I’ve put you into a trance, I’ll start creating all those effects I’m gonna spring on you, all the hot intoxication I’m gonna have you feeling.. I’ll have you experience them while you’re under for some scenes. For others I’ll put them inside you as triggers that I can use later, sometimes when you’re least expecting them.

Long term transformation? Message Me for details.

Recorded Sessions

awesome voice, best recording ever

To create a hypnosis recording that will really do amazing things to you, a person needs three things: a deep working knowledge of hypnosis, a great voice and a well-equipped recording studio. As it happens, I have all three.

I’ve been recording hypnosis sessions designed to take you deep into a relaxing hypnotic trance, then use the power of your unconscious mind to create erotic feelings and hot fantasies to start driving you absolutely wild before bringing you to a mind-blowing, whole-body orgasm.

A Perfect Introduction

To get started with the excitement of My hypnosis sessions, “Slave to My Voice”  is your perfect introduction.

Slave to My Voice hypnosis mp3
30 minutes

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Taking you Further

Eriksonian hypnosis to bypass your conscious mind, binaural beat technology to take you deeper, My voice getting deep inside your mind, playing with all My tricks, techniques and strategies to make you lose yourself in the fantasies I create.

IMG_2604In “Slave to My Voice”, I’ll guide you into trance, then I’ll do things in your unconscious to make you get so turned on. The next thing you know, you’ll feel your arousal getting linked to the sound of My voice, so that the more you hear My voice, the more worked up you get. Imagine how that feels.

Then I start amplifying those feelings, making you get more and more turned on, making you get so horny when you hear My voice. Causing you to begin to feel a need to serve Me, to submit to Me, which only makes you get even more worked up, becoming a willing Slave to My Voice.

Experience the Magic

Feel My seductive power
Fall for My voice
Find your place at My feet

Soon you’ll be drifting under My spell, feeling something completely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Get “Slave to My Voice” and begin to serve the Master of your dreams…

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Become a Slave to My Voice — 4 Comments

  1. MASTER this sound hot Master.
    MASTER this Slave would love to
    be takend over so some new Owner
    will make Slave do more and take
    more and prolong every thing plus pain
    From a X 2 year lost house bound Slave joe..

  2. I have “slave to your voice” and ‘hypnosis domination,” I am under your control. you are in my head. i need you and serve you. please contact me. i want further instructin to serve you.

  3. Will give you all my money,possesions , etc Must be under your control rest of my life. I beg you to dominate me. I want go worship you and obey you. Make me a woman that serves her husband. Fuck me,I will fuck anyone you want me to.Your eyes and voice crazy.Please put me under your spell!

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