Good things cum…

Waiting, none too patiently. Cock throbbing, faggot squirming. Begging and pleading; the faggot awaits his Master’s pleasure. But certainly without complaint, complaint would be bad, complaint would mean that Master would stretch out the wait. Perhaps even deny release altogether.

No, the faggot must not complain…

Beg for permission

What did you think? That you were just going to go ahead and cum whenever you wanted, whenever you just fucking felt like it? Not in My world faggot. You want to touch yourself? You beg. You want to get off? You beg. And then you hope that I’m feeling kind, that I’ve decided that the time is right, that I’ve decided that the thing you want fits into the category of “things that I want.”

And if it doesn’t?

Then you wait. But that should be obvious.

The agony of orgasm denial

You should be able to guess just how much I enjoy making you wait. Taking you up to that edge, that edge where you want it so badly. Where you’re shaking with the need to get off. Hardly able to take your hand off of your cock when I tell you to stop. Then bringing you back up to that edge again. Laughing at your suffering. And all the while knowing… you little freak, you love every minute of it, don’t you?


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