Cum Slurping Pig



Created by request for a guy who is disgusted by cum, but oddly attracted to the thought of being a cum-pig, of being covered in cum and sucking it down greedily.

Maybe you’ve got something in common with him. What if you have an inner pig, a dirty part of you that just needs to eat cum?

This hypnosis can awaken that part of you, and help you revel in dirty, sweaty, filthy hot sex. It will train you get in touch with the part of you that lusts after cum, needs it, dreams about it.

Have lube handy, this hypnosis recording has a hot gangbang scene toward the end to reinforce the Cum Pig teachings, and to have some fun with the idea.

Listen with caution. A few times here and there can be a fun fantasy. Listen too often though, and you just might find yourself turning into a “Cum slurping pig”!