Hypnosis – That Shrinking Feeling



Here’s a little something for the macrophilia fags!

Perusing the shelves of an old bookstore, you notice the shopkeeper seems to have some sort of weird power. Following him into a backroom, he surprises you, shrinking you down, so small he can roll you around under his stinking foot, then pick you up and drop you into his shoe.

Using the power of hypnosis, I take you down into a deep trance, then work inside your mind to have you experience this fantasy.

  • Watch the world get so big around you as you shrink down so small
  • Smell the foot stink as you get rolled around under it
  • Feel yourself trapped in a shoe, under a giant, smelly foot


When you’re ready to feel so small, under a giant’s foot, That Shrinking Feeling is just what the Shadow Priest ordered!

That Shrinking Feeling hypnosis recording
$20, 40 minutes.