Become a Slave to My Voice



Best erotic hypnotist out there

In “Slave to My Voice”  I’ll guide you into trance, then I’ll do things in your unconscious to make you get so turned on.The next thing you know, you’ll feel your arousal getting linked to the sound of My voice, so that the more you hear My voice, the more worked up you get. Imagine that.

Then I start amplifying those feelings, making you get more and more turned on, making you get so horny when you hear My voice. Causing you to begin to feel a need to serve Me, to submit to Me, which only makes you get even more worked up, becoming a willing Slave to My Voice.

Experience the Magic

Feel My seductive power
Fall for My voice
Find your place at My feet

Soon you’ll be drifting under My spell, feeling something completely unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Get “Slave to My Voice” and begin to serve the Master of your dreams!

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