“Sticks and stones can break our bones, but words can break our hearts”

Words are powerful, aren’t they? They can hurt, they can sting, and in doing so they can also excite some people – especially submissive little faggots.

While I’m usually telling you about some new hypnosis recording I’ve been doing, I also happen to take great pleasure in doing live humiliation scenes. Right there on the phone, in real time, just Me and you.

I get into them. A good call, maybe twenty minutes long. I’ll generally start out a little slow, ramp up gradually, and by the time I’m in it, I’m just ripping into you. Take you down, bring you back up, and just slam you down twice as hard. What demented abusive shit is gonna come out of My mouth?

Even I don’t know. But it’s gonna blow your mind. Hell, I’ve had faggots interrupt Me to say “holy shit, did you really just say what you just said?

The Personal Touch

Understand something though – I’m not going to simply pick up the phone and start barking out generic fucking one-size-fits-all “humiliation”. No-siree-bob. Call Me old-fashioned, but I believe a one-on-one call should be more personal than that.

It’s not enough to just call you a faggot loser, I want to let you know¬†why you’re a faggot loser.

And to do that, I’ve got to get to know you a little, to know what makes you unique, what makes you different – what makes you, in particular, a faggot loser?

Of course, it’s hard to know just what’s wrong with you, until we have a little chit-chat. Let Me get a chance to get inside your mind, get to know you.

So give Me a call. Let’s get¬†acquainted…


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