One of the keys of domination is simply knowing how to use your voice.

A few weeks ago, after a munch* I run, I had some friends back to My place for drinks and whatever. One of the girls got rather drunk, and as she jumped on the trampoline I keep in My backyard, some people got worried that she’d fall and hurt herself.

So they grabbed her, wrestled her down, and eventually handcuffed her to the rail. Oh brother.

Finally, I simply told her to stop. No fuss, no bother. Just told her to cut it out, in a dominant tone of voice, and she did.

As I asked why they didn’t try that, a younger dom in My group said “well, she listens to you“. I said “you’re right, she does. Here’s why:

It’s fun to say “do it or else”. That can lead to “punishment” scenes, good times. But, there are times when you need to take control, and you have to know how to put that tone in your voice that makes it clear that there is no “or else”. That there’s no “or” at all.

That there is only the simple reality that this is what is going to happen.

In BDSM, the “D” is for Domination.”


*A gathering of kinky folks, generally over dinner in a vanilla setting. I’ve run Mine for the last seven years.

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