So you’ve imagined stepping into the ring with a powerful man who could push you around, punish and dominate you. Feeling all that raw power at his disposal as you push against him with all your might, only to be outmatched at every turn. Lucky for you, The Shadow Priest is always happy to step into the squared circle to wipe the mat with a faggot!

Where will you wind up? Between My powerful legs in a scissor hold? Flat on your back as I crank that figure-four leglock on you? Or feeling My powerful arms wrap around you for the punishing full nelson!

When you realize that I am your Master, after I’ve beaten you soundly, after you’ve cried out “I submit!” What will I do to you then? That’s when I really make you mine. It’s time to get on your hands and knees, offer your ass to Me and experience the hard pounding shame of defeat!


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