Bringing your sick little fantasies to life…

"A true Evil Master Dom, most erotic call, a pleasure to serveWhy would anyone want to have all those terrible things done to them that you’ve always dreamed about having done to you?

Most people can’t imagine. But you’re different. You have needs, desires that are far off the beaten path. I understand…

You see, I’m twisted too. Not quite the same way you are, but in a… let’s call it a reciprocal way. The heads to your tails as it were.


The Master you’ve dreamed of

You’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience serving a powerful Master. Someone like the man you’ve been dreaming about. Someone who could reach into the darker places of your little faggot soul, places you hardly understand yourself, parts of your psyche that just manifest as strange yearnings and hot fantasies.

The Shadow Priest understands these places.

Tell Me your fantasies, your dreams and desires. Now Me, I won’t judge them. Play with them, why yes, don’t mind if I do. Use them to get inside your mind, take over your body and consume your soul? Oh, absolutely.


What’s your fantasy?

"Amazing! Understood my fantasy and gave me just what I asked for. Such an awesome call!"Let Me know what you’re into, what you’ve been fantasizing about. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there’s something about it that I’ll find appetizing. I’ll enjoy fleshing out a scene and bringing it to life with you.

I enjoy

  • BDSM
  • boot worship
  • mind control and hypnosis
  • feminization
  • gang bangs
  • macrophilia

and scenes so “out there” that you don’t even know the name for it – I’m ready to make it happen.

Now, you can send Me a message telling Me about yourself, what you’re into, what you’d like to explore. Or, if you’re really impatient to start a hot scene with Me you can click My “call now” button and we’ll jump right into it.

* All testimonials are taken from feedback at My Niteflirt page:


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