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Hypnosis recordings

The best way to understand My hypnosis is to experience My hypnosis, so make yourself comfortable and push “play”. Since I’m always truthful, but never ethical, it’s only fair I warn you that this recording isn’t fair at all. It’s designed to take you where I know you need to be, and I’m not letting ethical constraints get in My way. You’ve been warned.

*Turn off notifications on your phone, you don’t want people asking for stuff when you’re feeling suggestible

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Slavepath: On Master's LeashSlavepath: On Master's LeashBrainwashed to get horny and submissive when you hear from Me
Slavepath: HumiliationSlavepath: HumiliationHumiliated by your pathetic faggot need for abuse
Slavepath: ChastitySlavepath: ChastityChastity that turns sex drive into slave-drive. Obeying gives you a slave-gasm.

Sublevel Series

Sublevel A.1 Addicted to My VoiceSublevel A.1 Addicted to My VoiceMy voice opens the gate to pleasure, creating addiction.
Sublevel A.2 Addicted to My LaughterSublevel A.2 Addicted to My LaughterExperience how turned on and how stupid you get when I laugh at you.
Sublevel A.3 The Spiral WithinSublevel A.3 The Spiral WithinFeel your mind melting with a spiral deep inside.
Sublevel A.4 The Chains of ObedienceSublevel A.4 The Chains of ObediencePsychological rewiring. Sets up an inevitable slide into slavery.
Sublevel A.5 - InevitableSublevel A.5 - InevitableBrings together the first four Sublevel recordings. See what happens.
Sublevel B.1 - Crawl Before MasterSublevel B.1 - Crawl Before MasterI use your insecurities to make you crawl before Me.
Sublevel B.2 - Descent into OblivionSublevel B.2 - Descent into OblivionGo mindless. I remove anything that kept you from surrendering as a slave.

Slaveheart Series

slaveheart series
Chained to My Voice - Slaveheart #1Chained to My Voice - Slaveheart #1Slave training begins
Faggot Destiny - Slaveheart #2Faggot Destiny - Slaveheart #2First chanting file. Accept your destiny
The Right Way - Slaveheart #3The Right Way - Slaveheart #3Master decides when you get to touch yourself
Master Owns your dick - Slaveheart #4Master Owns your dick - Slaveheart #4I take control of your dick
Master's Boots - Slaveheart #5Master's Boots - Slaveheart #5I ramp up your boot fetish - you kiss and lick My boots
My Voice in your Head - Slaveheart #6My Voice in your Head - Slaveheart #6Hear My voice when you look in the mirror
Mindless Obedience - Slaveheart #7Mindless Obedience - Slaveheart #7Reprogrammed - thoughts of resistance disappear.
Born to Serve - Slaveheart #8Born to Serve - Slaveheart #8Everyday things turn into triggers that enslave you more
Always - Slaveheart #9Always - Slaveheart #9Creates false memory. Sense of having always served Me.
Mindless Cash Slave - Slaveheart #10Mindless Cash Slave - Slaveheart #10Learn how service makes the slave.
Surrender to Master - Slaveheart #11Surrender to Master - Slaveheart #11Mystical chanting and hypnosis trains you to surrender mindlessly.
Master is God - Slaveheart 12Master is God - Slaveheart 12Caps off the Slaveheart series. Increases the power dynamic.

Slave Training

Dreaming of MasterDreaming of MasterProgrammed to dream of serving Me. Feel what changes as you do.
Mindless Popper BrainwashingMindless Popper BrainwashingLooping gooner popper hypnosis that trains you to obey Master.
Faggot PanicFaggot PanicAwaken your inner whore. You get obsessed with dominant men.
His Irresistible VoiceHis Irresistible VoiceProgrammed to obey My voice. Scene - I make you pay to blow Me in a coffee shop.
When I Call You FaggotWhen I Call You FaggotSubmission and arousal when I call you faggot.
Faggot Mind EraserFaggot Mind EraserDumbing you down to set you free to obey. Gooning. Amnesia.
Master's ATMMaster's ATMFeel controlled as you tribute

Get Fucked

Newer recordings – $25

Stupid Faggot Dumb DownStupid Faggot Dumb DownHypnotized stupid. Made to blow Me.
Every Man's BitchEvery Man's BitchA compulsion to get your holes filled. Scene reinforces the brainwashing.
Green Light to WhoreGreen Light to WhoreRewired to go get fucked. Loop and edge file. Removes what held you back.
Claimed by My CumClaimed by My CumScene where I tie you up, take your ass. My cum makes you Mine.
The Manchurian FucktoyThe Manchurian Fucktoy
Amnesia and mind control. No idea I've been fucking you. Hot scene.
My Dick in Your AssMy Dick in Your AssHypnotized to feel My dick in your ass. Scene - fucking in My basement dungeon.

Earlier recordings – $20

Making a FaggotMaking a FaggotForced gay hypnosis. Hot humiliation every time you get fucked. Hypnotized gay scene.
Mindless Fuck ToyMindless Fuck ToyConfusion hypnosis continues through the scene while I fuck you.
Can't Say No - faggot whore brainwashingCan't Say No - faggot whore brainwashingCan't say no to guys who want to fuck you. Scene - used by four guys
Gangbang WhoreGangbang WhoreFucked in the back of a bar by five guys
Caught by the HypnotistCaught by the HypnotistCovert hypnosis scene with amnesia
Just a faggot - humiliation hypnosisJust a faggot - humiliation hypnosisThree voices humiliate then fuck you
On the Edge - gooner hypno sceneOn the Edge - gooner hypno scene50+ minutes edging. Guys use a milking machine
Master's BitchMaster's BitchTaken and used in a dungeon
Coach Trains your AssCoach Trains your AssCoach and friends break your ass in
Dumb Ugly WhoreDumb Ugly WhoreHypnotized, humiliated, made to fuck yourself with a dildo

Fag School

Lessons for the life of a slave
A Throat Made for CockA Throat Made for CockTraining for deepthroating cock
Cock Sucking AddictionCock Sucking AddictionHypnotized to need and love dick in your mouth
Train That Hole!Train That Hole!Trains your hole for more fun
Desperate Whore Training HypnosisDesperate Whore Training HypnosisMany fags say this helped them start whoring
Muscle FagMuscle FagFaggot lust fuels your workouts
Muscle Fag 2 - bodybuilding hypnosisMuscle Fag 2 - bodybuilding hypnosisUses your faggot lust to build a hot body
Muscle Fag 3Muscle Fag 3Uses your lust to propel you to exercise at home.
Musclefag: FuelMusclefag: FuelTake control of your eating to sculpt a body men want to fuck
Let Go and PlayLet Go and PlayGet past performance anxiety. Get out of your head, enjoy the moment.
Wired for ChastityWired for ChastityRewired to have arousal go to your ass instead
Milking Scene Training HypnosisMilking Scene Training HypnosisLearn to surrender to cock milking.
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Crossdress CompulsionCrossdress CompulsionTherapist hypnotizes you to be his dolled-up fucktoy
Tranny Street WhoreTranny Street WhoreHypnotized to cross dress, put on the corner turning tricks.
Trapped in the Life!Trapped in the Life!Turning tricks on the street, no way out. Scenes - fucked, used, degraded.
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