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Every Man’s Bitch


A compulsion to get your holes filled. Scene reinforces the brainwashing.

“Master, please turn me into a brainwashed faggot whore. Make it so I can’t stop myself from going on hook up apps and getting guys to fuck me”

I’ve been getting emails like this from My faggots for years, but especially the past few months. Since I have some new techniques, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to play with them. And to play with My faggot’s minds, of course.

New Techniques… to Get you Whoring!

Advanced hypnosis school has been teaching Me all these wonderful clinical hypnosis techniques that I can use for all sorts of wholesome purposes, like getting people to exercise, lose weight, do better in sports and business, et cetera.

Naturally, the first thing I thought of was to pervert them to My purposes. What better than to use them to give you an absolute compulsion to get guys to fuck you?

Whoring isn’t for Everyone

You need to keep in mind, I’m not playing around. I’m using real therapeutic hypnosis to get you out there begging guys to stuff your faggot holes.

Now, I have a few different types of faggots. Some are destined to be slaves more than fucktoys, and this might not be for them. Or it might be.

But some are absolutely meant to be fucktoys. If you are, you know it. You need to be fucked. You dream of it, you lust for it. And for you – this is the file you need. I made it just for you.

Fucking Scene with a Side of Humiliation

What happens when you listen to Every Man’s Bitch? I program you with a need to cruise hook-up apps, message guys to fuck you, and meet up with them to get fucked.

And after all that, I’m throwing in a hot fucking scene where I use your faggot ass. And as I do, I’m going to humiliate you for being the faggot whore I’m brainwashing you to become. Can humiliation be hypnotic? Find out when you listen.

Become Free to Whore

If you fantasize about being a faggot whore, but you’re not quite there yet, then something’s holding you back. Are you ready to be set free? Ready to become the faggot whore you dream of being? Are you ready to feel a compulsion that drives you to put yourself out there and get your faggot holes stuffed?

Are you ready to become… Every Man’s Bitch!

Get it now!

Shadow Priest prepares you to become a faggot whore

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