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Privacy Policy

I don’t share your information. I also don’t spam. It’s beneath Me. 

In fact, My spam prevention system is sometimes too enthusiastic, so if you find you’re suddenly not getting My emails, message Me so I can take you off the suppression list.

My email is [email protected] 

Newsletters and Unsubscribing

If you unsubscribe from My newsletters, My system will automatically put your email on a suppression list, so that My newsletters won’t go out to you. If you accidentally unsubscribe and want to re-subscribe,  you’ll need to message Me because I’ll have to take you off the list Myself. 

*Once you’re on that suppression list, if you buy a file, My automatic system won’t send you that link. You’ll have to message Me and wait till I see your email so I can send you a link. – Alternatively, set up a password and you’ll be able to download directly from this website.

Refund Policy

In the rather unlikely event that you’re not thrilled with a recording of Mine, let Me know and I’ll give you back your money. It’s that simple.

Just send Me a message ([email protected]) with the name of the file and the email address you used when you bought it. If you’d like to let Me know what you didn’t like, I’d love to know for the purpose of improvement, but it’s not required.

If you’d like it replaced with a different file instead of a refund, just let Me know. If you bought a $20 file and want it replaced with a $25 file, don’t sweat it. Just ask and I’ll take care of it.

If, for whatever reason, you’re feeling too shy to ask Me, My billing company has been instructed to give refunds automatically upon request, so let them know.

Why so easy? Good for business, good for dominance.

It’s psychological – I know that every dollar in My pocket has been put there by a happy faggot who loves what I do. Then, when I talk, you hear something in My voice. You don’t know why exactly, but you get this feeling you can trust Me. That’s easily worth more than a few refunds.

Terms and Conditions

You must be over 18 and considered legally competent to make your own decisions in order to view this website, buy My files, or have anything to do with The Shadow Priest. If you’re in an area that doesn’t allow this sort of thing, it’s on you to obey your local laws. 

As an adult, you understand that all this is for entertainment purposes only, and will not be construed as therapy, practical advice, or any other professional service which may be governed by laws and bodies. If you decide to take advice from a guy who addresses you as “faggot”, you agree that you’ll take full responsibility for how that works out.


You can leave your feedback on the page of the recording you’re raving about. I always love hearing what a great time you’re having with My files. I use My favorite testimonials in newsletters as well as pages and posts. 

Sales appear on your credit card as “LSP Media”

So you know, that’s Lord Shadow Priest. 


If you have bought a recording but haven’t received a download link, check your spam filter. The download links sometimes get caught in spam filters. If you don’t see a link within fifteen minutes, email me at [email protected]  That email comes straight to Me. I answer within 24 hours, usually much sooner.

I have a Master, can I use your file to better serve him?

Yes. The unconscious mind is clever, it knows to direct all the things you learn about serving Master to your own Master. It’ll tend to think of Me as an archetype of “Master” and lean your obedience toward your personal Master.

If you have any other questions, feel compelled to ask.

Sharing My Files

Be a good slave and don’t share the files you buy from Me. If someone did, they would know they were being a shitty slave and they would just ruin the experience for themselves. Let other faggots share in the privilege of honoring Master with their money as a proper slave ought to.

About Me

As the Shadow Priest, more than anything I help faggots find and accept their place in line with their fantasies. I have come to realize that your fantasies tell you something important about who you’re truly meant to be.

The name Shadow Priest reflects a concept of connecting people (priest) with the darker side of themselves, the part they have trouble accepting (shadow). Your fantasies are a doorway to these darker parts.

As much of what holds faggots back from embracing their role as servants of dominant men is in the unconscious. I use hypnosis to help them overcome that. Making this hypnosis hot and exciting helps My faggots to listen repeatedly in order to make changes happen inside. As they say “a little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down”.

The service of My faithful faggots enriches My life. It also motivates Me to continue creating wonderful things to help, delight, and entrance My faggots.

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