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My Voice in your Head – Slaveheart #6


Hear My voice when you look in the mirror

Take a look in the mirror

Some of the guys who listen to My hypnosis files say that as they’re going about their day, they seem to hear My voice in their head. Now isn’t that fun? So I said to Myself, evil hypnotist that I am, “why not play with that idea?”

See, hypnosis is really good at setting up triggers. A trigger is simply when one thing (a stimulus) triggers another thing (a reaction). So, to have you hear My voice during your day, I simply connect it to an experience you’re likely to have several times throughout the day. For the trigger I install with this recording, it’ll happen when you look in a mirror.

And what does that trigger do?

Simple enough, it just gets you hearing or feeling My voice reminding you that you’re a slave and you need to obey Me.

Now imagine that happening, just randomly during your day. Hot, isn’t it? In fact, I created the trigger to connect that reminder to a whole bunch of your hottest fantasies of dominant men taking over, and in particular to the evil hypnotist fantasy, the one where the hypnotist controls your mind. I know the guys who love this sort of thing the most have had that fantasy like one or a zillion times. So all that residual horniness that’s built up over the years gets triggered when you look in the mirror and hear My voice. Can you say “bam!”? I actually had to put in safeguards on this one to keep it from fucking you up too bad. (Because if you lost your job, you wouldn’t be able to buy My next recording)

Planting a seed in your mind

While I’m installing that bit of fun, I’ve also got another thing going on. I’m setting up a visualization inside you (another hypnosis specialty) in which you’ll see a seed, which represents My voice, giving you My commands and teachings. You’ll watch that seed grow inside you spreading roots and vines all through your body and mind. Taking over. My voice, taking over.

Simply seeing this in your mind’s eye, while you’re in trance, does things to your unconscious.

When the seed grows

Soon, you’ll start feeling as though My commands are coming from inside you.They guide you to obey Me. They make it feel like a compulsion you can’t resist. That’s the wonderful thing about your unconscious – it responds so well to pictures. That means that when you start to see it in your mind, you start to feel it happening inside you.

Now I’m betting you’ve always had this fantasy – the “evil hypnotist”. And that means that anything that makes you feel compelled to serve Me makes you get excited, doesn’t it now? Yes, in a big, bad way. And of course, I amplify that excitement in My recordings, so it hits you that much harder.

Well, I could go on all day about how much fun and how hot hypnosis can be, but I suspect that right about now you’re itching to get this recording and feel the excitement for yourself, so I’ll let you go do that now. Have fun getting brainwashed!

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