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Sublevel A.1 Addicted to My Voice


My voice opens the gate to pleasure, creating addiction.


Now faggot, addiction is when you absolutely have to have something, when you need it. When the day was long, when you’ve been under so much stress, when you’re feeling alone, when all you can think of is your next fix.

Why would you want that? Why would you want to become Addicted to My Voice?

You want this because when you realize that you need to hear My voice, that you have no choice, you know you’re truly under My control. And this feeling of a real man controlling you is something you’ve been craving for so long. Isn’t it, faggot?

My new Sublevel series

Now, this is the first file of My new Sub-level series, a series of hypnosis files designed to take over the subconscious levels of your mind that drive your thoughts, emotions, and actions, planting My domination deep within you. So I’m going to start by making you utterly addicted to My voice.

I’ll grab you by your sexual arousal, and then I’m going to program you to feel more excitement with My voice than you feel with anything. else. ever. (Yes My faithful slaves, I know. Even more than that. Yes, seriously.)

The gates of pleasure

See, in My exploration of the unconscious mind and how it relates to sexuality, I’ve found that there’s a sort of filter at work. Normally, the unconscious seems to filter out a bunch of sexual arousal and pleasure that you would otherwise feel. This seems to be to prevent you from 1) being overwhelmed by the arousal and pleasure, and 2) getting so addicted to it that you forget to do things like eat and sleep.

I call this filter “the gates of pleasure”. I’ve found that it’s possible to convince the unconscious to open the gates, so long as this opening is linked to one specific input and they only stay open while this input is present. Naturally, this input that opens the gates, causing you to lose your mind in pleasure, will be Master’s voice.

As I take you deep into trance I’ll be training you, programming you. As you stroke, chanting along with My other slaves, you become conditioned to feel this happen automatically. You’ll feel this overwhelming arousal flood through you whenever you hear Master’s voice and feel My power.

“Slave has been listening to Your files regularly. I have nearly your entire library. I have such a stressful job and often find myself “attending” the Temple of the Shadow Priest to re-center myself. Your voice feels like the only thing that can relax me.” – faggot ken

Early review

My slave slack, whom I privileged to listen early says: “Your voice is even more powerful than ever—deeply resonant and seductive with a timbre that reverberates throughout Your slave’s heart and mind”.

I’m going to let you listen to this free sample of the file and tell Me if you agree with him. Wear headphones or earbuds. Fair warning – it’ll make you want the rest, because once you start listening, you’re in My world of faggot addiction.


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