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Sublevel A.5 – Inevitable


Brings together the first four Sublevel recordings. See what happens.

When it’s 116 degrees in the lonely Mojave desert

Words like “destiny” and “fate” feel tangible. Detached from the mundanities of urban life, the distractions, you can feel the rawness of your own nature. You begin to understand why three of the world’s dominant religions start with the founder spending time in a place like this.

You think about what we really are, as people, when all the social pretenses are stripped away. The civility that cautions us from speaking cold hard truth. The never-ending tap-dancing around reality that it takes to pretend we’re all equal, that some are not in fact made to serve others.

And for a brief moment, you just are what you are. And you know things, in raw and immediate ways. And it’s beautiful, being in this merciless place that will kill off the clueless in agonizing hours. You can’t help but respect it.

In short, this is a place to

Experience truth

And I brought truth back with Me, like Prometheus bringing fire, to make something for you, to let you experience truth for yourself.

Because it’s time for you to know the truth of what’s happening inside you when you keep listening to My hypnosis recordings, when you keep taking My teachings deep inside yourself. You know why you do it, because you need to be a slave, but do you know what you’re doing?

You should know. And I’m going to let you know it on the deep level where you come to know deeper truths.

Because this recording is like the way

You will become My slave

It’s Inevitable.

When you listen, all the teachings of the first four Sublevel brainwashing hypnosis files come together with a simple understanding – you begin to realize that these files are doing what they say they will, that you will in fact become My slave. That it is Inevitable.

Is it unfair that I waited till it’s too late to tell you? That I waited till you’re already addicted to My voice, needing to hear My voice? Till you’re waiting to hear the next thing I make? Yes, I suppose it is unfair. But I never promised fairness, just truth. And the truth is, you needed to be My slave before you ever heard My voice, it was always your destiny. I just help you understand what you are. What you’ve always been. What you will be.

I help you understand..

It’s Inevitable

Now get it and go deeper

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