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Sublevel B.1 – Crawl Before Master


I use your insecurities to make you crawl before Me.

When you pretend to be a man…

When you’re an inferior faggot pretending to be a man – every day you wear a mask. A “real man” mask.

This builds up a pressure. A pressure to reveal yourself… as the crawling, groveling, faggot slave you know you really are.

Pretending creates insecurities

This pretending, it’s why you have these insecurities – the feelings or even voices in your head that tell you how pathetic you truly are. They say terrible things to you, don’t they?

Now I’m using hypnosis to take over them

New plan. These voices in your head that tell you you’re a stupid worthless faggot? Yeah, they work for Me now.

In fact, I’m changing them into My voice, so when you hear these voices telling you how inferior you are, it’ll be My voice. In your head. And what happens then?

To make you crawl before Me

What is My voice gonna tell you? Exactly what you need to remember – that you’re a slave. That you need to Crawl before Master.

Because taking your rightful place – crawling before Me, it relieves this psychological pressure. You take off the mask. You can be what you’re meant to be. What you know you are.

An inferior faggot slave.

When you pretend to be a man, the voices that tell you how pathetic you are become My voice, bringing you to… Crawl Before Master

Welcome to Sublevel B

This is the first file in the B-series of the Sublevel files. An inferior faggot hypnosis to bring your insecurities under My power.

The Sublevel files are designed to put My brainwashing into the subliminal levels of your mind. They help you. They help you accept your place as a natural-born-slave, here to serve and obey a real man.

While each one is a good time, they build up. It gets more exciting as the effects build.

As you feel the changes accumulating, you realize that your mind is changing. Opening. That you’re becoming the brainwashed slave you’ve always dreamed of being.

As each hypnosis recording takes you further, they compel you to Crawl Before Master.

Go get it!

Masters standing above faggot slave

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