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Sublevel A.2 Addicted to My Laughter


Experience how turned on and how stupid you get when I laugh at you.

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Why do faggots love being humiliated?

You may wonder, as I used to – why do you fags love being humiliated?

Humiliation does things to you. Let’s break it down.

What does humiliation do to you?

  • Makes you feel your mind go blank
  • Gets you out of you head and into the moment
  • Make you feel the need to submit to a superior man

Why does this happen?

We’re going to get a little deep here. See, you’re a product of evolution. Humans evolved in tribes, and the tribe was everything, because if you got thrown out of your tribe, you were going to die.

So you evolved to be quite concerned about the approval of the tribe. Evolution uses pain to keep you from doing things that make you die. As a result, you evolved to feel a type of pain when something lowered your status – like being put down or laughed at.

When you feel this pain of humiliation, you feel small, your mind gets fuzzy – going kind of blank, and you feel this need to please the superior man. This is a product of evolution, you’re bred to be this way, and as a faggot it’s especially strong in you.

It seems to Me that this phenomenon – where being humiliated makes your mind goes blank and you need to please the superior man, might have been an evolutionary advantage. See, if you could easily be corrected when you fucked up, you didn’t have to be thrown out. That meant you got to live.

One more thing – Massive Arousal

So far, we’ve got all these logical, predictable things that happen. But why do you get so horny when I put you down?

Simple. In the brain, the part that feels physical pain is right up close to the part that creates sexual arousal. That’s why you just put a little sexual context into physical pain – like if Master were to bend you over and cane your faggot ass – and suddenly you’re getting so excited.

Evolution tucked your humiliation response right into the physical pain center. And that’s why, again, with a little sexual context, sometimes even without it, humiliation can make you get so fucking horny.

What’s the role of humiliation in slavery?

Three things. One, I use it as evolution uses it, as a tool. It’s useful to shut off your mind, break through the resistance, break through The Lie. You know The Lie, the way society has brainwashed you into believing that you’re meant to be your own man. This helps you accept your natural place as a slave.

Humiliation is efficient. A few words and I’m breaking through that lie and putting you in your place.

Another way is simply that I get a kick out of it. I am a sadist after all. I enjoy your pain. This enjoyment is part of why I do this, after all. And aren’t you glad that I keep showing up, keep doing this, that I keep laughing at you? Of course you are. You’d be downright fucked, and not in the good way, if you had all this need to be humiliated and no one enjoyed humiliating you.

Evolution never makes a pot without also making a lid.

The third way is that as a result of the way it makes you get incredibly horny, it helps to build an addiction, you come to love being humiliated and that brings you back, again and again, to kneel at My boots where you belong.

Sublevel A2 – Addicted to My Laughter – learn to love being humiliated through hypnosis

So in this latest recording, I’m taking all this – what happens when I humiliate you, the power it gives Me, the way it makes you get so turned on; and I’m amplifying it all through hypnosis and brainwashing. Soon, with My most casual comment, a bit of My laughter – you’ll feel your mind go blank, feel a need to serve, and feel yourself get so horny; because I’m installing permanent triggers in the deepest part of your mind.

I’ve included a free sample. Wear headphones or earbuds to listen to it, and then, if you should happen to feel the need – get the new file, and see how you begin, even more, to get Addicted to My Laughter!                          34 minutes.


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