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Mindless Fuck Toy


Confusion hypnosis continues through the scene while I fuck you.

It’s time to get out of your head – waaaay out of your head, because this new hypnosis is forty-five minutes of erasing your mind as I fuck your mouth and ass. I’m going to simply erase every last thought from your empty, hollow head, leaving you wide-open for Me to make you love serving Me, love obeying Me, and love every minute of what I do to you. There’s no getting fucked the way you get fucked as you become My mindless fuck toy.

Drift mindlessly with a confusion induction

This one starts with a new type of confusion induction, with side-voices taking you deeper, along with binaurals, the dropping tone I use, and subliminal messaging. Then, I have you meet Me in a library, where I hypnotize you to get in My car so I can take you home to use you as a Mindless Fuck Toy.

Obliterating your mind

This one is different in another way – most of My files have an induction in the first ten or fifteen minutes, but in this one, I keep going, I keep hypnotizing you more, obliterating your thoughts, taking you deeper in trance, turning you into a mindless slave ready to obey. By the time I start fucking your ass, I’ve got you chanting your merry way into mental oblivion.

If you’ve ever wanted to really get out of your head, to lose your mind, to let go and let Master, this is your chance – to become a Mindless Fuck Toy!


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