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Mindless Popper Brainwashing


Looping gooner popper hypnosis that trains you to obey Master.

A popper hypnosis for My popper fags

You’ve been begging for a looping popper hypnosis file, so here it is. An endless loop of poppers, hypnosis, and brainwashing you to submit to your true Master.

This is designed, from the ground up, to be looped. There’s no real beginning or end, so you can listen as long as you like. Hit the poppers, drift into trance, and goon away. Along the way I’ll be taking you deeper into submission. On your knees. Right where you belong.

A different style of hypnosis

If you’ve been listening to My files for a while, you know I have a standard layout for My files. Introduce the file and set expectations. Do an induction ending up in a ten count into trance. Program you for an effect or immerse you in a scene. Have you stroke, maybe chant. Ten-count to cumming. As you’ve noticed, it’s been working well.

But this time, forget all that.

This time I’m introducing a new style of hypnosis, where I’ll be taking you into trance, creating effects, and having you stroke all at the same time. Takes a little skill, but hell, I’ve got a lot of skill.

Trigger creation

Since you’ll be feeling a certain rush as the poppers combine with hypnosis, leading to deep relaxation, a rush of pleasure, and a sudden intense need to submit – I take these effects and attach them to a phrase I say in every hypnosis file I have: “take a deep breath”.

What’ll happen after you’ve had a few sessions with this? Will you wind up feeling a rush whether you’re using poppers or not? We’ll just have to see, My guinea pig, we’ll just have to see.

Fair warning – Poppers are said to have a chance of causing vision impairment, as well as death. Learn the risks and decide for yourself. I don’t recommend getting started on them for this file, but if you’re already taking them anyway, here’s something to enjoy them with. If you choose to sniff industrial solvents to chase a great orgasm, you do so at your own risk.

Ready to get gooning?

Go get it and enjoy.


PS I’m curious to see what happens if a non-popper user listens to this popper hypnosis, so if you buy it to see and it’s not a great time, just message Me for a refund. If this message is still up, I haven’t had many requests yet. Let Me know either way. Science! {Edit February 5, 2023 – so far, fewer than 1% have requested a refund. Looks like it works.}

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