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Dreaming of Master


Programmed to dream of serving Me. Feel what changes as you do.


Dreaming of Master

Ever want something to help you fall asleep easier, to sleep better at night? To dream better? How about MUCH better? Like, “serving Master in hot exciting dreams and waking up fully refreshed” better?

As it happens, one of My faithful listeners wanted just that. And he paid what I charge to put a recording at the top of the pile. When I’m interested in making it.

And I was interested in making it, because I could see a lot of My faggots benefitting from it, both for good sleep and good times.

What’s it designed to help you do?

    • Fall asleep easily and sleep better all night
    • Dream of serving Master
    • Open the possibility of exciting wet dreams

How do I train you for this?

First, I take you deep in trance. Then, I have you imagine kneeling before Me. Surrendering yourself to Master.

When you imagine surrendering before Me, while you’re drifting deep in trance, it will cause you to let go of all the cares and stresses of the day. That allows you to relax into a place where you’ll be able to sleep easily.

Freedom in surrender

As you let go in surrender, the mind eases, causing the body to relax, which in turn means you can sleep soundly. Sleep soundly as you enjoy pleasant dreams of serving Me and Me using you.

Creating a hypnotic anchor

Then, I connect those things, creating a hypnotic anchor between surrender and deep relaxation. That anchor sets it up so that as you imagine surrendering before Me, it causes you to feel this relaxation again.

This trains you to be able to simply lay down, imagine kneeling before Me, and fall asleep easily to dream of serving Master.

While I’m at it, I remind your unconscious of what it’s like to experience a wet dream, and open up the possibility that you’ll have one as you dream exciting dreams of Me.

There’s no stroking, no clean-up, and no count-up in this hypnosis recording. It’s designed so you take off the headphones and fall asleep without coming out of trance. Trance easily turns into restful sleep.

Long term result

Once you’ve listened enough times you’ll be able to simply lay down, imagine kneeling before Me, and relax completely into a profound sleep where you’ll happily dream of serving Master.

Why do you want to listen to Dreaming of Master?

Maybe you want to draw closer to Master in your dreams. Maybe you’ve been having trouble getting to sleep and you want to fall asleep easier and sleep better at night. Maybe you want to dream better dreams, hot, horny, much better dreams. Could be all of the above.

Now matter why you want to listen to this hypnosis recording, tonight is a perfect time to start – Dreaming of Master.

Go get it!

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