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Slavepath: Chastity


Chastity that turns sex drive into slave-drive. Obeying gives you a slave-gasm.

This chastity file is the first in a short series for those who really want to become dedicated faggot slaves under Master’s control. I’ll tell you more about the series in another mailing.

Why do you want to be in chastity?

Simple – eventually you’ll realize, if you haven’t already, that your need to feel controlled is greater than your need to get off. 

Nothing will make you feel controlled more than when Master controls your dick.

Get horny, stay horny – chastity is the path to ecstasy

In addition to feeling controlled, there’s something magical that happens the longer you go without cumming. An energy that grows. An excitement that builds. You feel more awake and alive.

Channeling this energy

Now, if this excitement isn’t channeled wisely, it’s just a kind of misery. But, when Master controls this energy and puts it to use, it can be transmuted into a power that brings you to your knees in ecstasy as the slave you need to be.

In this new hypnosis recording, I lay down the circuits inside you to create this transmutation. To turn sex drive into slave drive.

Brainwashing you with chastity

I’ll create a habit in you, of abstaining from cumming in obedience to Master, setting it up so that when you abstain from cumming and say “Master owns me”, you can feel a rush of pleasure.  The ecstasy of slavery because you feel Master’s control. We’ll call it a slavegasm. Ecstasy through obedience.

And then we practice, having you stroke and bring you to the edge three times. Each time I’ll have you take your hand off your dick and saying “Master owns me”. At the end, you don’t cum. You stay horny, and you obey.

This builds a habit of obedience. And a habit of chastity. You’re laying down tracks inside that will guide you. That make these habits automatic.

This moves beyond hypnosis into conditioning, a powerful form of training. Some would call it brainwashing.

What’s the end result?

As you listen to this hypnosis recording, again and again, to take these teachings deep inside, and feel the changes being made, you’re taking a big step toward really feeling that sense of being controlled that you so desperately need in your life.

You’re moving into a new phase of your life as a slave. One where you feel a constant arousal, an excitement. Where My control becomes part of the background of your life. And as such, you feel My power more than ever, as you learn your place, as a slave under Master’s control.

Go get started!

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