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The Right Way – Slaveheart #3


Master decides when you get to touch yourself


Take the first step into real slavery as you give up control of your cock to Master.

In the right way, I brainwash you to see jerking off as something that belongs to Master to decide for you – when you get to do it, how you get to do it. And the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. After all, what is slavery without actual obedience? If you’re not being controlled, how would you feel controlled?

The point of slavery

The point of slavery is that you realize that Master is in charge, that you can feel it, day by day, hour by hour. It’s a constant presence, not just something you do when you feel like it.

That’s how it becomes real. How you get to actually experience it. How the excitement happens.

And yes, in this one you learn not only to get much more pleasure out of the opportunities you have to pleasure yourself, but you also learn to feel excitement during times of abstinence, when you’re waiting on My pleasure before you get to touch yourself.

These are the times when you really feel like a slave. You’ll want to jerk off, but you won’t, because Master didn’t say you could. You’ll suffer. And you’ll imagine Me laughing at you.

You can even call or send Me an email and let Me know how you’re suffering – I want you to, because it amuses Me. And yes, I’ll laugh at you.

When you beg to stroke

In The Right Way, you’ll experience Me brainwashing you, getting inside your mind. It’ll happen as I have you chanting My teachings to take them deeper. That’s when you’ll stroke your cock in time with the chants, amplifying everything I put inside you with heart-pounding erotic power.

As when you’ve finished, you’ll come back to regular consciousness with a newfound clarity. You’ll have taken another step along the path to slavery, learning to do things Master’s way. The Right Way.


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