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Mindless Cash Slave – Slaveheart #10


Learn how service makes the slave.

Why do faggots like you love financial domination?

Because money is power, and there’s nothing more emasculating than watching helplessly as I turn you into a cash slave and make you hand it over.
This is when slavery gets real.

Service makes the slave

In Slaveheart series #10, I brainwash you to see how good it is for slave to serve Master with money, because service makes the slave.
You’ll go deep in trance and chant along with the other slaves, while I put some basic truths and triggers deep inside which will have you mindlessly serving Me with your tributes over and over again as your service brings you closer to Me and you become Master’s willing cash slave.

Your mind goes blank

This brainwashing hypnosis is designed to make your mind go blank and cause you to send Me your money willingly, happily, automatically; a grinning imbecile furiously jerking your dick while I drain your wallet, leaving you humiliated and used when I’m done, which only makes you get horny all over again, because when you see what I made you do, you know it’s real.
Did I mention that if you’ve been listening to the other files in the Slaveheart series, this is the first that starts combining all their hypnotic effects to make submitting to Master’s power even more inevitable?
Now, you could try to resist getting this file. It would probably be for the best.
But we both know you’re getting curious. That you’re getting horny just thinking about it. We both know you’re going to get it. Might as well save yourself the sleepless nights obsessing about it and give in now. You are, after all, just a faggot. You can’t help yourself. It is, after all, your faggot destiny.
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