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There’s a time in every slave’s life when he needs to feel himself serving Master, asking nothing in return. I understand that.

When I get a notification that a slave has sent Me money, a simple tribute, whether large or small, I know that time has come for one slave.

Sometimes it’s a token of appreciation for the way I make you feel. Sometimes it’s the need to serve. And sometimes it’s the need to worship, to acknowledge the feelings inside you that tell you that Master is God, greater than you, more deserving of your cash.

A form of Worship

Because sometimes you just need to worship Master with your cash. When you do, I want you to savor the moment. Be sure to pay attention to how it feels when you click the button that sends Me the money. When it goes from your account, to Mine.

Look inside and see what happens

The most interesting part of sending Me your tribute is the effect it has on you. It changes your relationship to Me. We’ve gone beyond trading My creation for your money. Now it’s becoming something deeper. Master and slave. God and worshiper.

You begin to see yourself differently. Feel differently. Because you begin to experience yourself as slave, more than ever before.

The time is right

When you click on this page, there’s a reason. It didn’t happen by accident. There’s a part of you that needs to do it.

So go ahead, give in to your need and watch what happens.

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