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Muscle Fag 3


Uses your lust to propel you to exercise at home.


Fuck 2020

Get back to building your body with Muscle Fag 3 – My newest muscle fag hypnosis recording

In Muscle Fag I hypnotized you to feel pleasure and excitement as you got in the gym and pumped some iron, building a hot muscle fag body… in the gym

In Muscle Fag 2 I hypnotized you to create a vision of yourself with a hot muscle fag body that would pull you toward making it a reality… in the gym

And then, that happened.

Plenty of us still haven’t been able to get back in the gym. But we’re not excuse people, we’re muscle people.

And someone who’s truly dedicated to building and maintaining a good-looking, muscular body will find a way to exercise.


  • whatever you have
  • wherever you are
  • whenever you can


I love the gym

But we’re not dependent on it. We’ve got pushups, single-legged squats and a Youtube full of body weight exercises, to say nothing of grabbing a few dumbbells and exercise bands. The only challenge is developing the habit of doing it.

So I’ve been getting into the habit, as I’m working from home like many of us, of incorporating a few sets here and there through my day. Take a break? Do a set. Reached a stopping point? Drop and do twenty. On the phone? Grab some dumbbells.

And the truth is, I’m starting to like this method. It breaks up the routine a bit and keeps the mind clear through the day. And the muscle I lost after the gyms stopped being a good idea is coming back quickly now. Turns out a hundred pushups will get the chest growing just as well as a good set of bench-presses.

What about you?

Lately I’ve been hearing from some of My muscle fags that they’ve been slacking since the gyms are closed. Well, can’t have that, now can we?

So I took these things that I’ve been doing, and combined them with some hot hypnosis to get you moving. Throw in some hypno to make it feel like Master is in your face telling you to “drop and give Me twenty!” Add some sexual excitement and feelings of obeying Master as you knock out sets during the day and we’ve got a little something that’ll kick off the New Year right, get you building your muscle fag body right.

A muscle fag body that pleases real men.

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions

I know, they never work, right? Let Master help you out with that. See, this year I learned a better way to build a new habit. Simple as hell, as a good system should be. So we’re going to do that, I’ll teach you how.

And that means we’re going to combine a good conscious-mind game with a solid unconscious-mind game in the form of this hypnosis file, to build the muscle fag body I want you to have.

I don’t know when the gyms will be a good idea again, but whenever they do, Me and My muscle fags are already gonna be rocking some solid bodies.

Get Muscle Fag 3 today


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