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Muscle Fag


Faggot lust fuels your workouts

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So many guys want a hot muscular body. Even faggots, because don’t you want to look good for Master?

Of course you do.

Commissioned by a faggot just like you, this latest hypnosis recording is designed to turn you into a body-building machine – motivated by your natural submissive need for pain, discipline, and the intense desire to please Master. A muscle fag.

Based on science

Let Me take you behind the scenes for a moment – modern research is finding that the best way to get the results you want isn’t falling in love with the results – it’s falling in love with the process that gets you the results. In other words, really wanting a hot body doesn’t get you there. If it did, everyone would have one.

What gets you there is falling in love with the feel of the heavy weight in your hands, the discipline of hitting the gym because the schedule said so, the sweat, the soreness. Falling in love with every part of what it takes to create a hot body.

When you love the work, you’ll do the work. When you do the work, you’ll get the results

If there’s one thing that hypnosis is really good at, it’s tying good feelings to certain experiences. So I tie sexual excitement to you doing the things you need to do to create the body you want. Simple, effective.

  • Submit to the discipline
  • Learn to love the pain
  • Create the body real men want to fuck

There’s no jerking off in this one, just simple brainwashing hypnosis using My unusual skills to help you create something awesome for yourself, because when you find that lifting weights starts making you get so horny, it’s only natural that you’ll find yourself addicted to the bodybuilding lifestyle and well on your way to becoming a Muscle Fag!


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