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Musclefag: Fuel


Take control of your eating to sculpt a body men want to fuck

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Musclefag: Fuel – take control of your eating to sculpt a hot body

Tell Me if this is you – you want the musclefag body dominant men want to fuck. But you don’t have it. You don’t have that body because you can’t seem to control what you eat. That you? Keep reading.

Real talk – if you knew how to take control of your eating and build the body you want, you’d have done it by now. Wouldn’t you have? Because you can easily imagine how much more dominant men would want to fuck you. And you’d love to have all the dick you could want. To have hot, dominant men lusting after your fit, trim body. But you haven’t yet.

How do you become that guy who controls what he eats?

You’ve tried. You’ve failed. But that’s alright, because Master is going to help you. How?

Easy. I’m going to rewire you to see eating as the process of taking in fuel to create the body you want. To make a clear distinction between good clean fuel – food that builds the body you want, and garbage – food that sabotages your efforts. And it will be easy to eat only good clean fuel.

How do I make it easy to sculpt a musclefag body?

The first step is to help you let go of cravings and the idea that you can’t help yourself. So that’s where I start.

There’s a pattern I use in live sessions, it’s called an ADAC pattern, from neurolinguistic programming. I just about always use it, because it always works.

The way it works is simple – I have you sit in a chair and feel the feeling you’re looking to get rid of, as strong as you can. That activates those neural pathways, which makes them malleable. And from there, it’s easy to get rid of them.

Once the bad stuff is gone

I spend the first 15 minutes of this 27 minute file running the ADAC pattern to free you from the idea that cravings mean anything and the false belief that you can’t control them.

Why so long? Because that’s the thing that makes the biggest difference.

After that, I take you deeper in trance to install good stuff to replace that.

This simple programming gets you moving toward good, clean fuel. And we make a clear distinction between fuel and garbage. Garbage being stuff you used to eat that got you fat and slow. From now on – that’s for other people. Musclefags eat good clean fuel.

Your lust will power the changes

And in every step of the way, I’m reminding of the most important thing – the why. Tony Robbins likes to say you can do anything if you have a strong enough why. And your why is simple – you want dominant men to want to fuck you.

That’s a powerful why. Connects right to your lust. So I’m plugging into that power supply to get you eating good clean fuel to build a seriously fuckable musclefag body.


If you’ve tried, and you’ve failed, and you’ve had enough – you’re ready to take control of your eating and sculpt the hot, trim body that dominant men want to fuck – this is for you.

Build your musclefag body and make Master proud.

Go get it!

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