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Let Go and Play


Get past performance anxiety. Get out of your head, enjoy the moment.

Hypnosis for Performance Anxiety

Plenty of you fags have mentioned that you’d love for Me to do some hypnosis for performance anxiety. Something for those times when you get in your head during sex. You’d like Me to use My considerable skills as an erotic hypnotist and master of faggots in general to help you get out of your head and enjoy sex more.
As it happens, there was one guy who wanted this who said those three little words that I do so love to hear – “I’ll pay you”.
Turns out he had a doctor-diagnosed anxiety disorder that resulted in him getting in his head during sex. Not only could the poor guy not get a hard-on in bed with someone, but he even had trouble masturbating. Performance anxiety on crack. Now, I can’t treat anybody, I’m not a doctor. But with ten years experience using hypnosis to make faggots’ dicks hard, and the fact that causing intense sexual attraction and deep relaxation is exactly what I do every day; he figured, and I agreed, that I could probably manage to give a little help where it counts.

Hypnosis to shut the mind up and feel more pleasure

So, now there’s a hypnosis recording to help you focus on what’s going on outside your head and gently allow the critical part of the mind to STFU. Along the way, it teaches you to center on the pleasure. You’ll learn to feel it amplify and spread through the body, kind of a “blind guy’s hearing gets better”. Though except instead of losing your sight you lose your mind for a while, and it ain’t your ears that get more sensitive.
Now fair warning, it’s not My normal domination hypnosis. It’s just Me, using hypnosis, telling you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it so you can get where you need to get… Oh wait. Well, habits, you know?
I know some of you fags are going to buy it just to hear My voice telling you you can touch your dick and that’s cool too. No reason not to learn to enjoy more pleasure while you’re at it.
Good news for all My fags – I just upgraded My sound even more and My voice is sounding better than ever. How does it sound better? Well, you see, I just got this new vintage-modeled… ah, fuck, just give it a listen. Free preview! Listen through headphones or earbuds and don’t play in traffic.

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