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Train That Hole!


Trains your hole for more fun

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This hypnosis recording is to train your hole

Here’s what it helps with, regardless of whether you’re getting fucked, or you train your hole with dildos or buttplugs:

  • Relax your hole
  • Get hornier
  • Surrender to the experience
  • And feel more pleasure than you ever have before

To be clear – this one is not for brainwashing, or slavery, or even becoming a whore. This one is simply to help you really enjoy getting your hole used and to enjoy training your hole. Anyone who wants to enjoy getting fucked in the ass or even just fucking their own ass with toys will get plenty out of it.

Why I made it

One of My faggots messaged Me a few weeks ago looking for a file to help him train his asshole. There was something he wanted to learn to take up there… something, he wanted a hand with. I didn’t have a file for that, but it made Me think…

Shouldn’t I have a file to help My faggots train their holes? After all, if you’re gonna become the whore you need to be, you gotta have your hole ready to go. To be ready to take whatever you dream of taking, and be ready to really, really enjoy it.

And for that matter, wouldn’t it be best if you simply loved getting fucked so much that it inspired you to get out there and get some? Of course.

So I made one. And you’re going to fucking love it.

How it works

If you want to geek out over hypnosis techniques, read this. Otherwise, just go get the file and start training.

Going down

So, the induction (which is so powerful I accidentally zoned Myself through the floor as I was working on it) is fun. Normally, I’d hypnotize you and you’d start feeling things change as you go into trance – the mind gets quiet, the eyes get heavy, you breathe deeper and slower, etc.

With this induction, I create those effects first, and that takes you into trance. Among hypnotists, since this is the reverse of the normal process, this is referred to as “going in through the back door”. Yep, I chose that particular induction because it amused Me. Lol.

Revivification and Anchoring

Then, to create the effects (relaxing the hole, feeling arousal, surrendering to the experience, feeling greater pleasure than ever), I used revivification and anchoring. Revivifying is when you have someone remember a particular feeling, like deep relaxation or incredible horniness, and cause them to feel it again. Then you just amplify that feeling, then anchor it.

Anchoring is when you tie that state to a particular stimulus (like feeling something pushing on your asshole) so that that state will activate again when that stimulus is present. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, says “you can get anything with anchoring”. It was one of the first techniques I learned, and one of My favorites. With this file I used more powerful anchoring than ever before.

So I have you feel each of those states, amplify them, and anchor them to feeling things in your ass. Easy. And that means that as you train your hole with toys, or get fucked by someone else, you’ll be able to feel all these things.

Locking it in

One thing I’ve really gotten from hypnosis school is the importance of fully installing a change. Without that, it could simply wear off quickly. But when you lock it in, the person can keep the change forever. I use a number of techniques in this to make the change permanent.

And naturally, the more you put it into practice, training your hole regularly, the more powerful it gets.

What happens when you train that hole?

Are you curious? When you listen to this hypnosis and train your hole regularly, how much will you wind up loving getting your ass fucked? Let’s find out together.

Here’s what I want you to do – listen three times over three days and start training your hole with dildos and buttplugs. Then, let Me know what’s happening. I’m looking forward to seeing how much you love it.

Go get it!

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