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Claimed by My Cum


Scene where I tie you up, take your ass. My cum makes you Mine.

Feel Me put My control… right up your ass!

I blindfold you
Tie you up in a sex swing
Fuck your ass

And you feel something change forever as you’re claimed My cum

You see, My cum is the seed that grows inside you, taking you under My power forever.

This time, everything’s different

I’m taking you on a different road into hypnosis-land.

This time, I start by releasing any resistance to surrendering to Me.
This time, I take control of your pleasure in new ways
This time, I connect all the pleasure to My cock, so that when I fuck you, you’ll feel all the pleasure going in and out.

What am I doing to you this time?

In this hypnosis recording, I’m hypnotizing you so when you feel Me shoot My load in your ass, you’ll know you’ve been claimed. You’ll feel Me take control of your pleasure, pulling it out of your body and attaching it to My dick in your ass, to feeling Me inside you.

Since I’m going to have you totally focused on the feeling of My dick in your ass and what I’m doing, controlling your pleasure, there won’t be any stroking in this one. Will you cum? Will you have the elusive hands-free-orgasm? If you do, you won’t be the first. And you’ll certainly feel some amazing things you’ve never experienced before. But the most exciting thing is how nothing’s the same after this.

In this hypnosis, you might notice that I pause a little more after I give you suggestions. This little pause, this little moment to process, helps you go deeper. Allows your body to feel it more. What happens when I make this small change?

You’ll learn that I own your pleasure, and I own you

And you’ll feel the way I claim you as Mine, with My dick in your ass, with My cum inside you.

Listen. Experience it. Watch what changes.

When you’re Claimed by My Cum!

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