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Sublevel A.4 The Chains of Obedience


Psychological rewiring. Sets up an inevitable slide into slavery.

You see the signs that you’re a faggot, hypnotized to obey

A powerful man speaks, you get so excited. A dominant man tells you to do something, and for some reason, you feel a need to go ahead and do it. You dream of a real man, a Master, taking control. Bringing you under his power, as though you were hypnotized to obey him. And you get so horny.

It shouldn’t take too long before you realize you’re meant to be a slave, and that the ideas I’ve put in your head already are making things happen.

But how do you truly become a slave?

To answer that, we need to look at how we come to be what we are. In our intellect-worshiping, equality-centric current worldview, we have this fantasy that we decide what we’re going to be and then, just go be it. Isn’t that precious?

How an identity is formed

The reality is that you start with these deep-rooted desires, like your desire for a man to take control of you, add in the hypnosis I’ve already put in you, and now this pushes and pulls you to start doing things, taking actions, like obeying Me in simple commands, like you do when I tell you to get a file, for instance. Little things.

Then, you see yourself doing these things. The deeper part of the mind, your unconscious, it starts seeing you do these things.

And then, as your unconscious sees you doing something over and over again, it decides that this is who you are. That drives you to do these things more and more as an identity is formed. The identity of a person who does the things you’re doing. You accept that you’re just a faggot hypnotized to obey.

Becoming the slave you know you need to be

Now perhaps you’re beginning to realize, that every time you’ve done what I told you to do, even in little ways, you’ve been building an identity as a faggot hypnotized to obey a real man. A faggot who obeys Me. We could simply continue on like that and eventually your unconscious would get the message that you’re My slave.

But, I’m a hypnotist. So I like to move things along. That’s why, in this next hypnosis, I’m going to amp things up. I’m going to show your unconscious all the times you obey Me – past, present, and future. And I’m going to make all these acts of obedience more significant. More identity-forming. And of course, I’ll connect them to where arousal comes from. I’m making you get even hornier than before whenever you see yourself obeying Me again.

As these actions are shown to be habits – and we know how powerful unconscious habits can be – they start to become chains. Chains that bind you to Me.

Hypnotized to obey with the Chains of Obedience

As you start to realize that you’ve been building these habits all along without knowing it, you come to realize that it’s too late for you. You’re already bound to obey Me. Besides the fact that you get horny when you obey Me, and that you love obeying Me, as well as the fact that I’ve been programming you through hypnosis to obey Me, the simple fact is, you’re getting used to obeying Me.

And now I’m going to make that habit much more powerful than you ever thought it could be.

Why would you want to listen to this? You don’t exactly know. But yet you want to. Isn’t that weird? Sure, you know it’s going to be hot and exciting, but still. Yes, you love My voice. And yes, you love going under My control. Well, maybe that’s it. Or maybe you don’t know exactly.

And most likely, you already knew you were going to get it before you even started to read this. Maybe you knew it consciously, maybe this knowledge was deeper, but it was already done. Now you’re just looking to justify the decision you’ve already made, whether you realize it or not. Doesn’t really matter what I say, because you know you want to get My latest recording, so…

Go get it!

And see yourself obeying Me yet again. Enjoy.

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