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Slavepath: On Master’s Leash


Brainwashed to get horny and submissive when you hear from Me

Why do you Need to be on Master’s Leash?

Can you imagine being naked, at My boots, on Master’s leash and mindlessly obeying Me?

Now, if just thinking about that makes you get excited, this recording is for you.

Because if you feel yourself getting horny when you imagine being under My control, that’s a sign. A sign that you’re meant to be a horny faggot slave.


What Happens when you’re on Master’s Leash?

What does a leash do anyway? It ties you to My control. Now imagine something installed in your unconscious that ties you to My control like a leash. So you feel My power whenever I give it a tug.

Because as you feel My power controlling you, you can notice that it just feels so good to obey Me.

And you’ll notice that every time you hear from Me you can get so turned on, because you’re hearing Master’s voice calling you. Brainwashed to experience this Pavlovian response. And like any well-trained dog, when Master calls, you’ll rush to obey.

That’s what this recording will do for you. It will tie you to My control.

This is brainwashing, plain and simple. Brainwashing to help you become the faggot slave you need to be.

And you do Need it, don’t you?

Remember all the times you’ve fantasized about a dominant man taking over your mind.

Remember how horny it makes you feel. The way you feel so submissive, automatically as you imagine this, because you do need it.

Now, when you listen to this hypnosis recording, it’s going to make a more powerful connection between this part of you that needs this so badly, and the power of My control.


Can you imagine how horny you’ll get when you hear from Me? How quickly you’ll feel so submissive and mindlessly obey Me?

Because you’re going to learn to obey Me without question. To do just as I tell you. And I want you to notice how good it makes you feel.

Now go get it, and feel Me taking over your mind

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