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The Manchurian Fucktoy


Amnesia and mind control. No idea I’ve been fucking you. Hot scene.

Enter the world of… The Manchurian Fucktoy!

Sometimes ideas come from the strangest places. An old movie where a guy is brainwashed to be a sleeper agent, not even aware that he is one. But brainwashed and ready to act when the triggers are activated. What an intriguing concept.

What if we played with that?

I wonder, what if you could wake up in the life of a guy who has no idea, that he’s My brainwashed fucktoy. You go about your day, like you’re a normal guy. Sure, sometimes it seems like you’re missing hours from your day, money from your bank account, and sometimes, for no reason at all, your asshole really hurts. But somehow, none of this seems to bother you at all. Is that weird?

A job for hypnotic amnesia

In this hypnosis recording, I’m playing with even more powerful techniques for amnesia, so you’ll be able to experience this fantasy of having gaps in your memory, because there are going to be some, if you remember any of it at all.

The truth is, you’re most likely to wake up needing to clean the cum off your belly, somewhat aware that you had a wonderful and exciting time, but not quite sure what happened.

And it might make you wonder – what all am I really putting in there? Perhaps it’s best not to dwell on such minutia.

What if it works too well?

But, I suppose you have to wonder, could some of this hypnotic programming bleed over into real life? Could it be turning you into My real brainwashed slave? You’ll just have to find out for yourself, when you enter into the world of The Manchurian Fucktoy!

Get it now!

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