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Always – Slaveheart #9


Creates false memory. Sense of having always served Me.

Be prepared

to have your mind fucked with in new ways as I take you deeper into faggot brainwashing with literally forbidden techniques.
The idea for this comes from two phenomena. The first – back in the eighties, hypnotists specializing in uncovering repressed memories uncovered memories of bizarre Satanic rituals in many people. Those people, after having their “repressed memories uncovered”, could remember those rituals. They actually remembered being there. It wasn’t till after the hysteria had faded that people realized that those were false memories. Turns out these hypnotists had accidentally installed false memories in people.
That’s right. Accidentally. It’s so fucking easy to put false memories in people that a hypnotist can do it by fucking accident.
The other is something I was reading about where police questioning suspects can easily and accidentally get suspects remembering things that never happened with people who weren’t there. Again, by accident.
As a result, these techniques are taught as things not to do, so that hypnotists and investigators don’t accidentally create false memories. I.E. – they are forbidden techniques.

So what do you suppose would happen

if I used these techniques for twisted purposes, amoral purposes, you know… My purposes? What if I used them for faggot brainwashing?
In Always, I’m rewriting your mind, rewriting your history. You will begin to remember serving Me in memories from long ago.

Part of your mind will have this sense of always having served Me. That makes it inevitable that you will continue to serve Me.

Find yourself

    • locked in place
    • kneeling at My boots
    • always have been
    • always will be
Another part of you will realize what I’m doing to you, realize how I’m controlling you from the inside, realize that there’s not a goddamned thing you can do about it – and we both know what effect that will have on you, slave.
Now it’s obvious you shouldn’t get this file right now and listen to it, it’s clear that that’s a really bad idea, to invite Master to fuck with your mind like this. And yet, your faggot ass is going to go ahead and do just that, maybe because you’re curious, maybe because the idea makes you horny, or maybe because you’ve always felt something inside you calling you to be a slave, always.
Go get it!
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