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Sublevel A.3 The Spiral Within


Feel your mind melting with a spiral deep inside.

How deep can you go?

Countdowns, fractionation, staircases, and a galaxy-sized spiral spinning in an endless void. We’re going on a little hypno-trip, faggot, and you won’t be the same when we’re done.

In this 43-minute mindless stroking hypnosis file I’m using all the tools in the toolbox to take you deeper than you’ve ever been. Then, when your mind is blank… When you’re deep in trance and open to all My hypnotic brainwashing… When you’re mindlessly stroking your cock in ecstasy and chanting along with My other slaves – then I’m going to take this giant spiral I’m having you visualize and I’m going to plant it deep inside you forever, where it will bring you deeper under My control.

In a place deep inside, the innermost part of your mind will continue to see this spiral turning. Feel it pulling doubts and stresses out of you. This leads you to mindlessly obey My will.

Once that’s installed, when you hear Master’s voice you’ll feel your mind start going blank. And the sound of My voice will cause you to experience The Spiral Within.

My Brainwashing is all about freedom

You see slave, it’s all about freedom. I’m giving you freedom from all the things you’re not meant to deal with:

  • Freedom from doubt
  • Freedom from thinking for yourself
  • Freedom from the horrible burden of freedom

This recording will help deal with all the old thoughts, the lies, the things that held you back. You’ll be free to be the slave you know you need to be, once you have –

The Spiral Within!

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