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Mindless Obedience – Slaveheart #7


Reprogrammed – thoughts of resistance disappear.

Feel My power

as I install hypnotic anesthesia to numb and remove any thoughts of resistance, turning you into My mindless obedient slave, unable to resist obeying Master. You’ll go deep into trance, get indoctrinated and reprogrammed, you’ll chant, you’ll stroke, you’ll cum hard – and you’ll feel the effects long after listening, because the Shadow Priest is playing for keeps.

Thoughts of resistance whimper and die

Imagine it – what would it be like if you couldn’t even think of resisting Master? If I literally took away your ability to consider doing that, so that any time you even thought of resisting Me, that thought became numb, your mind got cloudy, and suddenly, that thought just disappeared, leaving you feeling confused and helpless?
How would you feel? Humiliated? Controlled? To know that you have no choice but to obey Me. It’s a little scary, now isn’t it?
In this new hypnosis, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

In Mindless Obedience, you can’t resist

See, as I’ve been studying hypnosis, I’ve learned how to use hypnotic anesthesia. Now this advanced technique is generally used for things like doing dentistry for people who can’t use regular anesthesia. It makes things so numb that you can’t feel it happening. Wonderful technique, really.
Naturally, I decided to twist this to My nefarious purposes, and use it to make it impossible to resist Me. Simple concept, all I’m doing is teaching your unconscious how to produce the effect, then installing a post-hypnotic command to do that in your mind any time you happen to think of resisting Me.

Feel Me taking over your mind

Bottom line – thought pops up, anesthesia is triggered, thought becomes numb, mind goes cloudy, thought disappears. Mindless obedience. And just for fun, when you feel My power over you in this way, it makes you get so horny, instantly, because you feel the power I have over you and you know what that does to you. This is permanent. You’ll get to feel My power inside you from now on as I turn you into a mindless, obedient, slave.
Now, a reasonable person might ask why on Earth you’re going to listen to this, let alone pay for it. But we both know why. Because you’re destined to be a faggot slave, you need it, you long for it. We both know it’s true. That’s why this sounds so good, because it’s just what you need. That’s why it makes you get excited thinking about it. Why you want it. Why you’re going to get it now.
Because deep inside, you know you need to be a mindless, obedient, slave.
Go get what you need!
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