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Born to Serve – Slaveheart #8


Everyday things turn into triggers that enslave you more

Daily Automatic Brainwashing

In “Born to Serve”, the 8th in the Slaveheart series, you’ll learn how faggots naturally evolved to need to serve superior men, and then I’ll install a trigger to make you associate getting direction from your boss or clients with getting orders from Me. As something deep inside you comes to feel like you’re serving Me as a slave every day, just like you evolved to, this will turn your workday into a daily brainwashing session.

Naturally, since you are what you are, just realizing what I’m doing to you, realizing the way I’m brainwashing you to accept your faggot destiny – taking you deeper and rewiring your mind, is going to make you get fucking horny – so I’ll use that to cement these teachings deep in your unconscious by having you jerk off while you chant these teachings, making you brainwash yourself to serve Me forever.

You need to serve

Your own sexual fantasies tell you that you are meant to be a slave. You need to serve. It’s as if you were simply designed that way. (And you were, more than you know)

In the Slaveheart Series, I’m opening up your mind to accept your true nature, to live your destiny. With each recording, I’m connecting these ideas to another part of your life. Each time, going further inside your deepest self to reveal to you what I’ve known about you all along. You truly are Born to Serve!

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