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Master Owns your dick – Slaveheart #4


I take control of your dick


Hypnosis for orgasm control

It’s been three days and it’s getting unbearable. Three days since Master told you you weren’t allowed to get off.

First it felt humiliating, to be told you couldn’t play with your own dick. Then it made you feel controlled, as you looked at your dick and realized someone else was taking control of it. And then, those feelings combined to make you horny as hell, because you’re a faggot slave and being humiliated and controlled is exactly what makes you get so excited. Now, every time you even think about your dick, you’re filled with that feeling of humiliation, being controlled, and so fucking horny.

There’s not a goddamned thing you can do about it. Something inside is telling you “you always obey Master”.

How did this happen? It started with a hypnosis file. “Master Owns your Dick”. It sounded hot, a good time. 50 minutes, The Shadow Priest taking you deep into trance, some brainwashing, some edging, big exciting orgasm. Amazing.

But now He’s telling you you can’t play with your dick, and you’re obeying him. He says after three days without, you’re allowed to start writing Him letters begging to get off. If He’s amused (amused!) He might let you cum…

Start to learn your place

This is where it gets real. I program you, brainwash you really, with subliminals and side-voices and Ericksonian hypnosis – to have a certain reaction when I make you stop jerking off. Humiliation from orgasm control leads to feeling dominated which leads to being horny as fuck.

Once you’re properly reprogrammed, I’ll make you abstain for days at a time. When I do it’ll have an effect on you that’ll have Me laughing My ass off at your suffering.

It just makes you hornier

Pathetic little faggot, you can’t help but love Me.

Get it now. Listen till your little faggot brain is properly washed.

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