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His Irresistible Voice


Programmed to obey My voice. Scene – I make you pay to blow Me in a coffee shop.

What if…

you went into the men’s room of a coffee shop and suddenly remembered when I humiliated you – by making you pay for the privilege of sucking Me off?

What would that feel like?

On the one hand, you would probably know it couldn’t have happened, right? But on some level, you remember it…

And what would it feel like if you could, if you did, remember kneeling on the floor,  between My legs, your head bobbing up and down on My cock. What if you go in a coffee shop men’s room and remember Me laughing at you as I humiliated you for the way you need to blow Me, for having even paid for it, and you remember how you couldn’t help but obey Me, because My voice is irresistible?

Now wouldn’t that be something?

Is it possible to remember it like it happened?

In My last few hypnosis files, I’ve been showing you that amnesia is possible, that I can make you forget things that did happen. Is it hard to imagine that I can just as easily cause you to remember things that didn’t happen?

This is a slavery file

Now, the point of the file isn’t to have you suck Me off, that’s just an exercise. A little something to plant the ideas deeper in your mind. Of course, you’ll enjoy it, because that’s how you are. Being dominated, being humiliated, doing as you’re told and having My big cock in your mouth – I know you love it.

But this file is about putting a need to obey deep inside you. Or more to the point, showing you your need to obey, because it’s already there. Opening you up to feeling what you feel when you hear My voice and feel Me taking control. To feel the submission, the mindless obedience, the ecstasy of surrendering to My irresistible voice.

Experience the Evolution

If you’ve been listening to My files, this will be a little different. The induction part will be a bit faster, you might have no idea what I’m doing at times, but you’ll certainly feel the effects.

How to learn what you really are

The best way to learn what you are is to experience yourself doing the things that make you what you are. Feel how it feels and see how excited you get. That’s important because when you see how horny you get for it, you know I’m right. That you’re born to be a faggot slave.

Did you know it can be just as powerful to visualize yourself doing the thing as it is to actually do it? Especially when you’re hypnotized. That way, it goes deeper inside you. Your unconscious mind remembers you doing it. Remembers you obeying My voice, going under My power, being controlled, humiliated, and loving it. And that helps you open to being the faggot slave you really are. See, I’m all about helping My faggots.

Later, when you have these memories, when going into a coffee shop men’s room reminds you, on whatever level, of Me using you – it continues to make changes happen inside.

And all that serves to take you deeper under My power as you go back to that day in a coffee shop, when you remember falling under the power of His Irresistible Voice.

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