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Caught by the Hypnotist


There’s a nightclub downtown, real busy place. I keep an apartment just upstairs from it. Real convenient. Now there’s a little alley I like tucked off to the side of the club. People go there to get some air after they’ve drank too much.

Anytime I get horny, I just go downstairs, strike up a conversation with whoever catches My eye, throw in some conversational hypnosis to get their head spinning, and bring them upstairs so I can have some fun. When I send them on their way, I make them forget what happened. They wake up not knowing how they got home, and with no clue at all why their ass is so sore.

Of course, you didn’t know this when you decided to go to that club alone. You didn’t know it when you had too much to drink. And you certainly didn’t know it when you decided to step outside, to get a little air, in My favorite alley in the whole wide world. Now did you?

In “Caught by the Hypnotist”, I put you in trance, then outside the club I catch you with covert hypnosis (trance within trance), turn off your mind and brainwash you so I can have some fun, then send you on your way. After it’s done, you’ll know you came. You’ll have a vague impression that you had a really hot experience, but the details may be a little fuzzy. And that’s okay, it just means you can listen and enjoy it again.

Go get it!

– August 2019