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Crossdress Compulsion


Therapist hypnotizes you to be his dolled-up fucktoy

What if someone hypnotized you to have a fetish?

Would you know? If they put something inside you that just made some strange fetish so irresistible that you found yourself fantasizing about it, or maybe even… doing it – a little here, a little there, a little… more?

It could be anyone that puts it inside you. A therapist, a coach, someone who uses hypnosis to help you with something unrelated. Then they just… add a little something. Or maybe someone who can use hypnosis without you even knowing.

Would you realize it was someone else, or would you just think this is something coming up from inside you?

I started playing with this idea, well, after a client paid Me a bunch of money to make a custom hypnosis for him. I like the way it came together, and I’ll probably make a few more like it.

I’ve given this recording to a few guys so they could test it out and get back to Me. They’ve shared some interesting results that they’re getting rather excited about, if maybe a little nervous. Of course, I think that mix of excitement and nervousness is what mind-control hypnosis is all about.

In Crossdress Compulsion, a sissy training hypnosis – I’m your twisted therapist

In this hypnosis fantasy, you came to Me, not long ago, and I helped you with a problem you were having, which is why you thought of Me when you started having a new issue – you’ve been feeling a weird compulsion to dress in women’s clothes!

Hoping I can help you with it, you come into My office for another deep-trance session. I only have one odd request – that you come dressed in the sluttiest women’s clothes you’ve bought for yourself.

When you arrive, I introduce you to My two rather large assistants – Marcus and Rodney. They’re going to help Me bring you deep into trance by quietly speaking hypnotic induction, one in each ear, while I hypnotize you as normal from in front – powerful stuff there.

What happens while you’re deep in trance is something you may not remember, but it’s entirely possible you may find yourself walking funny, and of course, there’s no guarantee that just one session will cure you of your –

Crossdress Compulsion!

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