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Trapped in the Life!


Turning tricks on the street, no way out. Scenes – fucked, used, degraded.

Experience yourself as a cross-dressing street prostitute compelled by hypnosis and circumstance to turn tricks on the street for a living.

It all started with hypnosis

Your therapist took you into trance to “help you” with a little problem you were having, that’s when things started to change.

You found yourself drawn to cross-dressing in Crossdress Compulsion

You became weirdly impelled to go turn tricks in Tranny Street Whore

Now, experience yourself as a hypnotized tranny whore, and see what it means to be Trapped in the Life of a cross-dressing prostitute.

Feel the constant abuse, the degradation, the reality of being used as a pair of holes all night long by the lowest dregs of humanity.

Forget who you were

It all comes to life with the power of hypnosis. Forget who you were, because when I take you down into trance it all becomes real. You’re a common tranny street-whore, turning tricks to pay the bills and buy the liquor you need to face another night on the streets.

It’s hell, but at least hell is fucking hot. And it’s not like you can do better. Once you start down the road of being a street-whore, it’s all too inevitable that you’ll find yourself Trapped in the Life!


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